Do I need a skippers ticket?

No. All Hirer's receive a Safety and Operation Induction on arrival, regardless of experience.

What qualification do I need?

A current C class (regular) Drivers License.

Is the houseboat easy to drive?

Yes. The helm has a steering wheel and throttle controls are forward/neutral/reverse. Speed is governed to 8 knots.

Is it safe?

Yes. The Blackwood River is protected by steep banks and is gazetted inland waters
Yes. We are fully licensed operators.
The Induction follows an approved Safety brief. Safety equipment is on-board as per Hire-and-Drive regulations. All our hire vessels are approved under Marine Survey standards. Regardless, we reserve the right to suspend a hire in the event of any safety concerns including and not limited to weather conditions or competence of the Hirer.

Am I contactable?

Yes. There is 2-way coverage and next-gen phone reception in most of the area of operation.
We have access points, a rescue vessel and Safety backup procedures in place.

Where can I go?

28km of pristine National Park up to Alexandra Bridge by houseboat or even further in your dinghy.

Where do I stop?

You have right of way and will moor up at 1 of our carefully selected mooring positions. These are distinctive flat yellow swing moorings with a number corresponding to our map and a loop rope to hook on to. Mooring up is part of the Induction usually at mooring 6, where the Induction ends. Houseboats do not tie off to the banks.

What if my group has 2 or 3 houseboats?

Great! there are special locations for larger parties and you will have more fresh water, bathroom space and dinghies to go around.

May I moor in town?

ONLY in the dinghy. Houseboats are not permitted south of Point Irwin. Houseboats cannot moor at the town jetties.

What if I run out of supplies?

Molloy Caravan Park has a small kiosk for bait, fuel and basic grocery items OR take your dinghy into town OR return to Base & go to Augusta by car OR Woolworths online delivers to 780 Fisher Rd, adjacent to mooring 6, 6 days per week

What do I bring?

Fishing gear, water toys, food, drinks, bathers, dvd’s, music, binoculars, books & sunscreen.

What is there to do?

Cruise - Fish - Relax - bush walk - kayak - standup paddle board - ski - swim - birdwatch - stargaze - hunt out unique flora and wildflowers
Or take in a winery or two or day tour, accessible from Alexandra Bridge.
Tours to local wineries, galleries and other local attractions can be arranged departing from Alexandra Bridge.

Where do I leave my car?

Houseboat Base has ample secure parking for vehicles and even a few caravans. We live on-site for your peace of mind.

What if I arrive late?

4pm is our last Induction time. Vessels must be moored by 6pm and the Induction takes approx 1 1/2 hours. Don’t worry, West Bay has some of the best views in the river you will receive your Induction on Day 2.


The fuel tanks are full at commencement of hire. Costs are calculated on actual consumption so depending on how much cruising you do. The average hire is 40-60 litres in the houseboats and 5-15 in the dinghy.

The Dinghy

Safety – use the on board life jackets, HP is governed for safety.

Operating instructions – are included in the lesson.

Fuel – 2-stroke mix see on board trouble shooting guide. Full at commencement of hire.


Drinking quality water for all needs ie kitchen and bathroom. Houseboats RIVER & STORM carry 1500 ltrs. Houseboat ALLIRA carries 2,000 ltrs. Houseboat LADY JOANNE carries 500 ltrs only.

Usage – All water is stored on board. Conservative use will last 3 – 4 days. If you run out you will need to return to Base.


Solar with battery backup with usb point at the helm for charging phones. 2kva generator on board for small appliances incl microwave. Byo coffee machine but please no engels unless you use them as a freezer.

A 2 point socket at the helm for data cables, otherwise give your hair a holiday and leave your hairdryer at home!

Blackwood River Fishing

King George Whiting, black bream, tailor, mullett, crabs in season.

Can I have a pet on the houseboats?

We operate out of a national park. Our boats are not set up for pet security. Occasionally we allow a therapy pet on houseboat River. Contact us for details,

More questions?

We’re more than happy to answer all of your questions. Give us a call or send an email and we’ll respond asap.

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